Play Areas & Recreation

Recreation and Playgrounds –

  We have a variety of options available for installation under play and climbing equipment, customised lines and colours and multi-functional surfaces for both dry & wet areas including aquatic centre landscaping. The range of applications and designs are endless and only restricted by your imagination (or budget!).

Safety is one of the most important issues to consider in play areas.

We offer a 100% recycled, open cell shock pad safety option in our installations (specifically for use under playground equipment) which meet EU critical fall height standards.

Synthetic grass under play equipment has an added advantage over sand or bark as there is nowhere for hazards such as syringes or broken glass to hide. Play areas can be quickly and efficiently checked for potential safety concerns.

No more sneezing, runny noses or itchy eyes caused by contact with natural grass.

The shorter piled grasses are particularly well suited to the wear and tear of small bikes trikes and play machines.

It is not just pet mess that has to be cleared away and cleaned. Kids are no different and all child minders are all very well aware of the health issues and actions that need to be followed to make an area clean and safe again.